Southern California Botanists

43rd Annual Southern California Botanists Symposium
Overlooked Plants: The Unseen Flora of California

Saturday, October 21, 2017
Pomona College Seaver Auditorium, Claremont, CA

List of Speakers
  • Bruce Baldwin - Cryptic Species in California
  • Michelle Cloud-Hughes - Discovery of the Chuckwalla Cholla (Cylindropuntia chuckwallensis)
  • Dan Copper _ The flora of Griffith Park
  • Naomi Fraga - Pioneertown Linanthus (Linanthus bernardinus) and the hidden flora in herbaria
  • Daisie Huang - Payne's bush lupine (Lupinus paynei) and the Lupinus albifrons species complex
  • Nick Jensen- Botanical blackholes and the importance of floritic checklists
  • Nancy Morin - An overview of threadplants (Nemacladus) of southern California
  • Sula Vanderplank- Recent discoveries on Baja islands
  • Paul Wilson- Mosses of southern California including special status species and recent discoveries
Mixer to follow at Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden

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