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Southern California Botanists 34th annual Symposium:
Ruby Gerentology Center, Cal State Fullerton, CA
Problem Plant Groups: Difficult to Understand and Identify
Saturday, October 18, 2008
Symposium program with abstracts

List of speakers and Topics:
Dr. J. Travis Columbus - Grasses
Grasses are easy!

Dr. Jason Koontz - Delphinium
Delphinium ID: Why a good key is hard to find.

Dr. Leigh Johnson abd Mark Porter - Polemoniaceae
A Crock of Gilia: The complex history and taxonomy of the Gilia in California.

Fred M. Roberts, Jr. - Oaks
Acorn cups and trichomes: Identification of oaks in southern California.

Dr. Michael Simpson - Cryptantha
Why are Cryptantha species hard to identify, or are they?

Dr. Warren Wagner - Camissonia
Sorting out the taxonomic chaos of Camissonia: Unseen patterns of relationships and chromosome doubling.

Dr. Dieter Wilken - Ceanothus
Ceanothus: More than two?