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CROSSOSOMA is published twice per year and serves as a vehicle for information of interest to professional and amateur botanists in Southern California. Of primar interest are articles relevant to the flora of Southern California and adjacent, floristically related regions. Subject matter characteristically includes ecological, taxonomic, floristic, or horticultural studies of both vascular and non-vascular plants, as well as informal notes, observations, and opinion pieces. If you are uncertain about the suitability of a given paper, please inquire with the editor

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Ross Collecting Techniques Reprints Available

Copies of Timothy S. Ross’ outstanding article, Herbarium specimens as documents: purposes and general collecting techniques, reprinted (with minor corrections) from Crossosoma 22(1), Spring-Summer 1996, pp. 3-39, is now available for purchase from SCB. This detailed and humorous guide to the why, how, and most important, how not of making quality botanical voucher specimens is a “must read” for a ny students taking field botany or local flora courses. Even the most experienced professional field botanist will find ways to improve the quality and value of their collections by following the guidelines Tim sets forth in this little gem. Cost: $3.95 each; 10 for $22.50.

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